TPSC Assistant Professor Syllabus 2016 Exam Pattern Download

TPSC Assistant Professor Syllabus 2016 Exam Pattern Download. Tripura Public Service Commission (TPSC) is an exam conducting body, enrolls aspirants every year for the vacancies in subordinate and ministerial services. Recruitment announcement for the current year is communicated officially and we had posted the details about that in easy way of understanding. Individuals who retrieve the benefit of that notification, now get the ideas and whole syllabus for exam preparation, by following the below guidelines. Prior for executing this process, he/ she intend to achieve the post of Principal, Professor and Assistant Director shall forward your applications through post. More relevant details about TPSC Exam Syllabus 2016 is produced below,

Commission Tripura Public Service Commission (JPSC)
Exam Name Assistant Professor Exam
Material Assistant Professor Syllabus
Exam Type Objective/ Descriptive

TPSC  Assistant Professor Exam Pattern 2016

The notification distributed by TPSC states that the vacancies occurred are in both teaching and non-teaching category. Aspiring persons who want to secure the post should have to participate in the OMR patterned examination. Vacancies are listed under different posts and it is occurred in various departments, but we are going to discuss only about Professor Posts particularly in the field of Physiology and Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science.

The examination or screening test is conducted for an aggregate of 100 marks and questions are asked from various topics related to that subject. While appearing for the examination you will be mentally prepared to answer every question.

TPSC Exam Pattern for Assistant Professor Physiology

Candidates who are appearing for the examination will have answer in OMR based answer paper and questions will be in objective type with four choices. For securing the concerned post, attendees in examination will have to clear two papers. Each of the paper caries four section for a total of 100 marks. And also, the time allotted for the examination is 3 hours for each paper. Group wise topics in Physiology subject is tabled below,

Group Subtitles for Physiology Syllabus marks and Duration
A Biophysical, Biochemical, Phenomena and Biometry 100 marks for 3 hours
B Blood, Immune System and Cardio Vascular System
C Respiration, Digestive system, Nutrition and dietetics
D Biochemistry, Enzymology and Metabolism
A Muscular skeletal system, Nerve muscle Physiology 100 marks for 3 hours
B Nervous System and Special Sense
C Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology
D Excretory system, skin and body temperature, Ergonomics & work physiology

TPSC Assistant Professor Exam Pattern for Veterinary Science

Almost the exam pattern is same when compared to the Exam Pattern for Physiology subject, the only difference is in the syllabus. Aspirants who are getting ready for the examination shall refer all the topics listed below,

Group Subtitles for Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science Syllabus Marks and Duration
A Animal Genetics and Breeding 100 marks for 3 hours
B Animal Nutrition and Animal Physiology
C Livestock Production & Management, Livestock

Product Technology and Poultry Science

D Veterinary Extension
A Veterinary Anatomy, Veterinary Surgery & Radiology,

Veterinary Gynaecology & Obstetrics

100 marks for 3 hours
B N Veterinary Microbiology, Veterinary Public Health
C Veterinary Pathology, Veterinary Parasitology
D Veterinary Pharmacology, Veterinary Medicine

TPSC Assistant Professor Syllabus 2016

The TPSC Assistant Professor Syllabus 2016  for Physiology subject and Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science is as follows,

Physiology Paper-I


  • Resting membrance potential
  • Active transport
  • Donnan membrane equilibrium and its biological significance
  • Colloids
  • PH, Buffer and Henderson – Hasselbalch equation equation
  • Concept of bio statistics and its application in physiology
  • Frequency distribution
  • Graphical representation of data
  • Measures of central tendencies
  • Measures of dispersion
  • Correlation
  • Chi-square test for independence
  • Test of significance


  • Plasma protein
  • Blood volume
  • Body Immunity
  • Structure and properties of cardiac muscle and related terms
  • Cardiac output


  • Mechanism and Regulation of respiration
  • Lung volumes & capacities
  • Transport of O2 and CO2
  • Artifical respiration
  • Acclimatization at high attitude, mountain sickness
  • Effect of smoking as pollutant
  • Formation and Secretion of HCl
  • Digestion of Carbohydrate, protein and Fat
  • Digestive juices
  • M.R
  • Biological functions and Biological value of protein
  • Diet Survey & Diet in Pregnancy.


  • Isomerism of Monosaccharides, Polarimetry etc.
  • Topics related to Enzymes
  • Gluconeogenesis, TCA cycle, biosynthesis
  • Biological oxidation – reduction
  • Oxidation of fatty acids
  • Formation, fate and functions of Ketone bodies
  • Protein biosynthesis

Physiology Paper-II


  • Macro molecular structure of skeletal muscle
  • Modern concept of mechanism of Contraction of skeletal muscle
  • Ossification of bones
  • Joints – types, description and function
  • Degeneration and regeneration of nerve fibre
  • Propagation of nerve impulse
  • Nerve impulse across the synaptic junction
  • Structure of Neuromuscular junction


  • Receptors – classification
  • Reflex action
  • Ascending tracts
  • Functions of the spinal cord
  • Cerebral circulation
  • Functions of hypothalamus and cerebellum
  • Physiological basis of E.E.G
  • Histology of retina
  • Propagation and Hazards of sound
  • Concepts of primary and secondary colours


  • Hormone receptors
  • Mechanism of action and regulation of secretion of hormones
  • Physiological functions of – Thyroxine, Insulin etc.
  • Endocrine control of blood sugar level
  • Histological structure of testis and ovary
  • Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis
  • Menstrual Cycle
  • Endocrine role of placenta
  • Fertility control and its social impact in India


  • GFR, Hypertonic urine formation
  • Physiology of Micturition
  • Acid-base regulation by kidney
  • Histological structure and functions of skin
  • Sweat gland, sebaceous gland and regulation of sweet secretion
  • Body temperature regulation
  • Scope and application of ergonomics
  • Fatigue, Energy Cost of Physical Activity
  • Effects of training on muscle

Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science Paper-I


  • History of animal genetics
  • Cell Structure and Functional Organization
  • Medals Law and related topics


  • General nutrition
  • Feed and animal body composition
  • Swine Nutrition
  • Physiology of blood and its circulation
  • Animal behavior and body functioning
  • Artificial insemination collection
  • Physiology of milk production


  • General concepts of livestock production and management
  • Poultry industry in India
  • Composition of milk and Technology


  • Animal husbandry programmes for rural development
  • Role of livestock in Indian economy

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Important Dates

  • Last date for the submission of application: 15-12-2016

Note: The above all sections carries information about TPSC Assistant Professor Syllabus 2016 in brief manner.

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